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These are frame animations that were created with images and the hand-drawn methods using the Adobe Photoshop. The animations were exploration in how express character in a simplistic form.

An Angel's Elevation 

This is an 2D frame-animated trailer which explores the themes of Afro-futurism and heavily inspired by the Cherubim and Seraphim movement by using simplified drawings with vibrant colors.

Hall of Fame Animation

This animation was a final project for my 2D Frame animation class. I chose to create my animation through photos and drawing with just a simple black and white theme. My story is about animator that is struggling to finisher work and a magical ball comes to give her motivation to continue her work. 

Collage Animation

This animation was a exploration project of images and frame animation. I chose to create my animation through internet photos that were easy to manipulate and move for a fast flow of a funny joke. In this Exploration, I was able to learn how to learn blending of colors to create facial expressions and movement among the images.   

Abstract Animation

Abstract Animation was used to practice of using shapes and the paint brushed to move across the screen to a sound/music.  The song I chose for this animation is Particula by Major Lazer.  I wanted this song because it’s a groovy song that people can dance and enjoy while watching. 

Photo Animation (Stop Motion)

Photo Animation was used to practice of multiple photo of items interacting in a humorous way. The choice of found objects to easy manipulate given me a of room to be creative and I chose the humor route for this animation. 

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