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An Angel’s Elevation is an in-progress animated short film that explores Zion’s journey on Gadreel. She is an angel-in-training to become an Archangel and protector for humans on Earth. Living with the fear of heights and trusting others, Zion leans on her belief in the Most High to confront her fears head-on to become elevated.


This trailer is exploring the themes of Afro-futurism and heavily inspired by the Cherubim and Seraphim movement. As a Nigerian American woman, there is little representation and not enough credit in this world when it comes to Africans. The world has painted us as a nationality that doesn't positively progress. It's disheartening to observe fellow nationals not fully committing to their personal growth and development. I believe that cultural and spiritual elevation with God will help us overcome our fears and anxieties, while also teach us how to care and improve ourselves.

Characters Posters



Environments and Concepts 

Rough Animated scenes

Solo Show Setup

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