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  My inspiration come from what I see in my surroundings. Ever since I started Art Concepts, I was able to discover more artist and call back to artist's name I didn't know, but I remember. I was inspired by Kevin Menute( for his landscaping and series painting. I also inspired by Radha Lakshmi for her creativity with many patterns. If you see her Art work, the patterns represent peace and life with a colorful meaning.  As growing up, I love cars and was inspired by Automible Designer Chip Foose. Look up his designs online and be amazed. I was inspired by another designer named David Kindig. Both of these designers have their own show on the Velocity Channel. Chip Foose's is called Overhaulin' and David Kindig's is  called Bi***in Rides. 

I will still continue to have  inspiration for more creativity to come my way. From now to the future and beyond.

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