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 Book to Boat

Using Adobe Photoshop and a DSLR camera, I created a stop motion animation with paper. I was able to capture a permanent angle to maneuver the paper across the floor. This was my very animation and felt happy that I was able to make an ordinary paper move out of a book and form to a boat. 

Abstract Animation

Abstract Animation was used to practice of using shapes and the paint brushed to move across the screen to a sound/music.  The song I chose for this animation is Particula by Major Lazer.  I wanted this song because it’s a groovy song that people can dance and enjoy while watching. 

Collage Animation

The Collage Animation is a practice for me to used different parts of pictures from the internet to combine and express a genre in the video. For this one, I was able to make it a comedy of a girl trying to keep her hair intact but the wind and clippers are interfering. Using photoshop to create this video in collection of screenshots to move the pictures.

Hall of Fame Animation

This animation was a final project for my 2D Frame animation class. I chose to create my animation through photos and drawing with just a simple black and white theme. My story is about animator that is struggling to finisher work and a magical ball comes to give her motivation to continue her work. 

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