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Ineinkade Ruffin is a talented Multimedia artist specializing in Animation, Digital Painting, and Graphic Design. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati, immersing herself in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Program, as well as earning a certificate in Animation from the College of Arts and Science. Growing up with a diverse background—her mother being Nigerian and her father American—in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ineinkade was exposed to various perspectives, shaping her understanding of social media, culture, films, and lifestyle. Her passion for animation sparked when she watched the renowned Pixar film, The Incredibles, with her father in 2004. Inspired by the rise of 3D Animation, she embarked on a creative journey, honing her skills through detailed drawings of cars, objects, and people. Ineinkade’s father, who has been her mentor since childhood, taught her the art of pencil strokes and offers valuable critiques of her work. Drawing inspiration from her Nigerian heritage and the world around her, Ineinkade’s artwork captures vibrant colors, powerful figures, and captivating motion, showcasing her keen eye for detail.

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