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"Nothing in Life is worthwhile unless you take ricks. Fall forward. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success" - Denzel Washington

My name is Ineinkade Ebony Ruffin I am an aspiring Animation Designer currently in pursuit of my bachelor degree in fine arts at the Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning Program (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati.


I started making art through detailed drawing while growing up. Drawings of cars, objects, and people mostly. I first had the penchant for Animation when I saw an animation movie named, The Incredibles in 2004 when it was released in the theaters; it was then I knew that it was a divine career I wanted to do. I primarily learned how to move the drawing pencil tip across the face of a drawing paper to make shapes & figures from my dad since I was a little kid, and in fact often times now. This has helped make my drawing skills better over the years. Everyone who viewed my artworks were always thrilled in delight of every piece and detail.


I strongly believe in imaginative reflections & imaginations for self-teaching and learning which has helped me improve even better. Furthermore, making art on paper and transitioning to digital has been a fun and continuous journey.


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